Future Perfect DOCTORS – PLAB 1 Programme Bundle



The Future Perfect Health PLAB 1 Exam Preparation Programme for Doctors is based on the view that theory books are not necessary to study for the PLAB 1 exam. We provide a wide range of reference, past questions and study materials for learners to adequately prepare for PLAB 1 over an eight-week Programme with access to self-study materials. From our own research and views of practising doctors, a lot of people make a mistake of studying theory books and end up failing the exam. handles all the medical healthcare vocational skills requirements. Our four-step approach over eight weeks for overseas practising doctors takes you through each key stage necessary to prepare for the PLAB 1 Exam.

Future Perfect Health PLAB 1 Exam Preparation Programme for Doctors

  • Step 1 – PLAB 1 Blueprint Presentation and Study (Two Weeks)
    • Online preparation and first topic-based practice tests.
  • Step 2 – PLAB 1 Key Exam Topics Webinars/Video presentations and 1700 MCQs Bank (Two Weeks)
    • Going through solved topic-based 1700 Multiple Choice Questions Banks with notes.
  • Step 3 – PLAB 1 Self-Study, Mock-Test with Group Feedback FOUR Timed Mock Tests (Two Weeks)
    •  Continued progress through solved topic-based Multiple Choice Questions with notes and Timed Mock-Tests.
  • Step 4 – 1-2-1 Self-Assessment, Mock-Tests with Group Feedback FOUR TIMED Mock Tests (Two Weeks)
    • Exam Topics Revision and Notes Preparation Charts, final Mock Tests with answers review. Find out more.

About PLAB 1
The Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board (PLAB) exam is the main route by which international medical
graduates demonstrate that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to practise medicine in the UK. The exam includes PLAB part 1 and PLAB part 2.
You will need to pass both parts of the exam to gain full registration with the General Medical Council (GMC). PLAB part 1 is a three-hour computer marked written examination comprising 180 single best answer questions. The examination tests four skill areas which include diagnosis, investigation, management as well as the context of clinical practice. PLAB 1only tests your clinical knowledge and not your basic science. Most of the 180 questions are from Medicine; others are made up from: Surgery, Paediatrics, OBGYN, ENT, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry and Ethics. Questions may include images, electrocardiograms and X-rays.

To Qualify for PLAB 1
You only need two things to qualify for PLAB 1:
You need to be a medical graduate.
You need OET Level B (Medicine) scores across all of the four skills areas or IELTS Academic or IELTS UKVI
Academic with 7.0 in each of the four areas and an overall score of 7.5.
Note: It is a prerequisite to have passed IELTS/OET with the required scores before you can book PLAB 1.

The state of being a ‘Houseman’ —a junior doctor training in a hospital post—is usually understood to mean the first two years of training in health systems that follow the British system of
post-graduate medical education.
The Housemanship function is not a prerequisite at any stage of your journey to the UK. But it is best to not skip it if you have – or have been offered – a Housemanship role, as it offers important employment or employment history, which is key for your PLAB 2 visa.
If you have not done your Housemanship, then you can only enter through the Foundation Year 1 route. It is not impossible, but very difficult to enter through this route.

PLAB 1 Exam Fees

Format of the PLAB 1 Exam
PLAB 1 consists of 180 questions that have to be answered in three hours.

Pass Score
To achieve a “Pass” score in PLAB1, candidates have to submit approximately 60% - 65% correct answers.

Scores Don’t Matter
As long as you have passed the exam, the final scores don’t matter. So, someone with 179 out of 180 and someone with 131 out of 180 are completely equal when they go for PLAB 2
or for jobs.

PLAB 1 UK Exam Schedule
In the UK check here

PLAB 1 UK Venue
In the UK, the exam is only held in London.

When to Book the Exam
Places are usually open to book about 10 months before the date of the examination.
The UK examinations close a week before the examination date and the overseas examinations, four weeks before the examination date.

How Much You Need to Study for PLAB 1
It is ideal to go through 3,000 to 6,000 questions two to three times before the exam. But people pass the exam with less preparation too.

Time Required for Preparation
Future Perfect Health offers an eight weeks study programme and would recommend that between eight and 16 weeks is the ideal time for PLAB 1 preparation.
From the content, materials and mock tests provided – as well as access to What’s App and Facebook groups, our eight weeks programme will provide you with sufficient material to last any learner for a further four or eight weeks.
Even if you have four weeks, you can pass this exam, with dedication and hard work.

Registering your GMC Online account (Free to open)
In order to book PLAB 1, you MUST have a GMC Online Account. Your GMC Online Account is the lifeline of your career as a doctor in the UK.
Your GMC Account allows you to:-
Manage your registration
o Join or re-join the register, apply for a licence to practise or to join the GP and Specialist registers
o Apply to relinquish your licence to practise or to remove your name from the register (voluntary erasure)
o Apply to take the PLAB test
o Pay your fee or manage your Direct Debit.
Maintain your details
o Update your details or change your communication preferences
o Update and maintain your revalidation details.
View and print your documents
o View and print a certificate of proof of entry on the register
o View and print your fees, notices and receipts.
Request a certificate of good standing (CGS)
o Request a CGS to be sent to an overseas regulator or employer
 Complete your national training survey.

Opening your GMC Online Account
GMC makes the cases for application for registration tailored to individual applicants.
GMC has an easy “Find your Route” questionnaire to lead you to read their appropriate guidance.
Please go to the GMC Application Registration section to view the questionnaire.
You have to complete all of the questions to find the appropriate link to setup your GMC Online account.


How long do you need to prepare for PLAB 1?

Future Perfect Health recommends between eight to 16 weeks is the ideal time for PLAB 1 preparation.
However, even if you have 4 weeks, you’ll pass this exam, with dedication and hard work.

Can I open a GMC Online Account when I’m still in medical school?

No, you can’t. You have to have awarded you primary medical qualification to open a GMC online account.

How do GMC confirm my IELTS/OET?

It is an automated process – once you have passed either
exam, your scores will be recorded by IELTS/OET and GMC
can source this data. If you can proceed to book your PLAB 1,
then this won’t be a problem.

How can I change my PLAB 1 exam date?

If you want to change the date of your exam you must cancel
your place, pay the cancellation fee and book again. As you
have already paid for the exam, the cancellation fee is
deducted from that. If you are cancelling 83 days prior to the
exam – you will get the full refund, if you are cancelling
between 83 days and 57 days prior to the exam, you will get
50% refund, and if you are cancelling less than 57 days prior to
the exam – you will not get any refund at all.

How many times can you take PLAB 1?

If you fail PLAB 1, you can book to take the exam again
provided you still meet all the requirements. 
You can attempt the exam a maximum of four times. If you’ve failed the exam four times, you can then apply for one final attempt.

What is the pass score for PLAB 1?

The pass score for PLAB-1 is not constant. It keeps varying
depending on the average pass score – but it is always around
120 to 126 correct answers, which is around 60% to 62%.
The most important part of this exam is Time Management.

Is PLAB 1 computer based?

This is a computer-based exam that lasts three hours and
ten minutes, with a total of 200 ‘single best answer’ questions.

Does PLAB 1 have negative marking?

The PLAB 1 Exam has 200 questions to be completed in
180 minutes.
Answer all the questions as you go along, do not leave any
blank, remember there is no negative marking, so, if in doubt,
make a ‘best guess’ and move on.

Should I take the PLAB 1 Exam in the UK or in my own country?

The choice is up to you. The PLAB 1 exam is conducted
outside UK only in the month of March and November – you
can check details in your own British Council offices. There is
no overseas exam from April to October. Therefore, you may
decide that you wish to travel to the UK to take your PLAB 1
exam – we can assist you in applying for a temporary visit Visa
to the UK, if you choose to take PLAB 1 in the UK.