Our Services

An additional benefit of the Future Perfect Gamechanger and Healthcare Vocational Programmes is access to the FP Health Social Media Support Network subscription, which provides the following services to candidates once they have secured employment in the UK.

Assistance Provided in the UK

We provide complete guidance with your NMC Registration process. Our representative in the UK will meet you at the airport and offer you pick up, transfer and accommodation near to the Hospital Trust where you will be working.

We look forward to continuing to provide assistance and guidance to all overseas nurses to help them settle in the UK.


FP Health

The FP Health social media platform subscription provides a private group service to all UK overseas health professionals 24/7.

Our UK team supports the social media platform and can provide guidance, assistance and referral to a range of UK pro bono support services for all areas that a health professional may need whilst settling into life in the UK.

FP Health provides links to key services that can offer important advice and guidance to all overseas healthcare professionals – this covers legal, social, health and housing issues, as well as careers support in your new employment. 


The social media platform also provides a ready-made peer network for leisure, recreation and fun across the UK. So that none of our overseas professional network should suffer from isolation in any way.

Social Equity and Equality

One of the key motivations in establishing the FP Health Social Media Support Platform is to ensure that all overseas healthcare professionals in the UK are able to affirm their rights to social equity and equality and not to suffer from social isolation in any way whilst living and working in the UK.

#Black LivesMatter