IELTS – 3 Months Intermediate


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150 Hours minimum + Self-study

The three-months Intermediate Course meets the needs of English language learners who are currently around the lower to upper-intermediate levels (numerical scores of 250-350) or IELTS Levels from 5.5 to 6.5. The learning programme focus will feature a great deal of comprehensive communications skills practice and improvement, approximately 30 – 40 hours of skills testing practice to meet the requirements to achieve minimum Level 7.0 scores in IELTS Tests across all four skills.

  • Three months – 150 x Live Google Classroom sessions (plus recorded classes for self-study/revision - you will have full access to OET classes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • All OET Skills sub-tests and practice exercises corrected with tutor feedback
  • Weekly OET timed practice sub-tests
  • Live Speaking Healthcare Discussion Room; 121 Practice; OET Role Play Practice Tests

Structured Practice Role Plays, presentations and discussions, speaking with other medical professionals after our live classes AND any time you want with our Medical Professionals Google Meet Social Network.

Note: All sessions recorded for Speaking Sub-Test preparation feedback, revision and further practice

  • Full OET Mock Exam with individual feedback
  • Ongoing individual assessments and learning needs analysis from your tutor
  • Bespoke Individual Learning Plans
  • Self-Study Plan
  • Full range of Skills Practice Materials including OET sub-test practice materials and tests; daily UK healthcare news bulletins and news articles, healthcare journals, listening podcasts and videos
  • Official OET Provider